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In our world of ever-expanding markets and emerging opportunities, being able to quickly react to changes or new ideas is a key success-factor. Speed and cost-efficiency have become highly valuable characteristics for entrepreneurs and companies who aim to meet arising challenges on the global playing field.

Expanding in foreign markets can, however, be a risky, costly and complicated endeavour. A multitude of challenges await: Founding a company, the intricacies of bureaucracy, finding an office building, hiring employees, a foreign language and culture, unwanted long-term investments, and the list goes on.

This can be a time- and money-consuming task which can pose a hurdle for many companies aspiring to expand to foreign markets.

leads2you is offering you an elegant solution for a risk-free expansion with a low initial investment: Everything you require as a fully scalable service.


What we can do for you (in a nutshell):

Sales Solutions

Inside Sales and Field Sales

Logistical Solutions

Warehouse and shipping

Marketing Solutions

Ad-campaigns (print and online), design, translation services and a lot more

CRM Solutions

Fully customizable CRM

Consulting Solutions

Sales- and marketing strategies

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Sales Solutions


Attract attention

More leads, more sales

Sales Solution α

Inside Sales

This solution focuses on telephone sales campaigns to generate new business in your target audience and sales calls to your customer base to offer your products and services to generate leads and direct sales. Inside Sales lead generation and direct sales are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to find prospects and deals for your business.
We will assign dedicated inside sales managers, and a project manager, to your project who will be the main point of contact for you and your customers.

Sales Solution β

Field Sales

This solution focuses on field sales-based promotions which consist of customer- and trade fair visits, and customer contacts by phone. Field Sales is especially suited for building long-lasting relationships with high-value prospects.

We will assign dedicated field sales representatives, and a project manager, to your project who will be the main point of contact for you and your customers.

Sales Solution Ω  |  (α + β = Ω)

Inside and Field Sales

Depending on the goals and requirements of your sales project, a hybrid setup of inside and field sales is often the most successful approach. This combination increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales investment.

Logistical Solutions

Save time & money

Be as close to your customers as possible

Logistical Solutions

We can stockpile your products at our company headquarter in Nüdlingen in Lower Franconia, which is conveniently located near the geographical center of Germany, which is an ideal location for all your shipping needs. 

Marketing Solutions

Visibly attract attention & profit.

Consulting. Media. Tools.


Our sister-company Pulsis Media will take care of all your marketing needs: from webdesign, landing pages and SEO to social media presences and social media marketing campaigns. Pulsis Media is also your experienced partner when it comes to the design, production, and distribution of any kind of web and print products.

We also offer translation services and the purchase of address material.



CRM Solutions



Solutions that take you further!

Data Driven Marketing


CRM Solutions

We can set you up with a fully customizable Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) database to manage your business contacts and activities and provide you with detailed reports of sales activities, pipeline value, conversion rates, and many more. Business is data, and data is a valuable foundation for your decision-making process.

Consulting Solutions


Success by strategy

Success is the best strategy


Consulting Solutions

We advise and support you in the creation of successful sales- and marketing-strategies – and help you get the best out of your investment!
Together with you, we develop sales & lead generation campaigns, and you will benefit from our long-time experience in your targeted markets.

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  • We are an open, goal-oriented partner for our customers in the positive development of sales activities and B2B dialogue
  • We live the „hands-on“ mentality, short direct communication and a passion for products and services that require explanation
  • We see ourselves as an agency that uses comprehensive service combinations, supported by a strong partner network, in scalable operational project work.
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